Seven Reasons Why Your It Firm Should Hire a White Label Partner

You are going about your day in the office as usual. No hiccups. Suddenly, your client’s network crashes! Your IT guy is on leave! What would you do now?

You just have to do one thing – avoid such a situation altogether.

How to do that? The obvious but most important question.

You can save yourself from getting into troubled waters by getting a white label partner for your IT requirements. They work with you and for you at the same time. You can use their resources under your company’s brand name.

But what do white label IT companies offer me?

If someone is going to work for you, you must know what they would be working on. Here are a few 24-7 services that white label IT partners give you access to:

  • Help desk services – Everything from browser issues to network connection issues, professionals are there to help your client.
  • Network and server support – They consistently monitor your client’s network to keep it running smoothly.
  • Cloud services ­­– Your client’s get expert advice on how they should use cloud computing to their business’ advantage.
  • Onsite Support – They will provide boots on the ground and represent your organization in most major cities in the US.
  • Cybersecurity – White label IT partners constantly keep an eye out for network vulnerabilities to keep your business secure at all times from cyber threats.

That’s all peachy! But…

Why should I hire a white label IT firm?

There is no use in employing someone if you get no benefit from the partnership. However, a white label IT company can offer you many. Some of them are:

  1. Time and money savings: Time is money and money can help you get more time when you get a white label partner’s help. While they handle the IT security and maintenance of your business, you can direct your attention to forming new business strategies and partnerships to accelerate your business.
  2. Access to expertise and tools you may not have: Since a white label company specializes in the domain they work on, you can be certain that you would get quality service according to your business requirements.
  3. Ability to scale up your business: Once you hire someone else to handle your IT requirements, you have the opportunity to scale up your business without worrying about employing people on your own. That’s someone else’s responsibility now. This allows you to focus on business initiatives while they figure it out.
  4. Flexibility: One of the most important benefits of getting a white label partner. You can repurpose their role in your business according to your needs.
  5. Build up your brand’s reputation: Access to a white label partner’s service gives you more time to create marketing strategies. It’s a wonderful opportunity to increase market share and kick your competitions butt.
  6. Minimal risk: In case of any fault in your client’s network, it is the partner’s responsibility to fix it.
  7. Luxury of choice: If you do not like the service they provide, simply change to another who delivers better services

The above factors make partnering up with a white label IT service provider, indispensable.

Single Point of Contact provides a full suite of White Label Services. They offer a  wide range of network support, help desk services, data security and cybersecurity technologies and approaches. Our job is to keep your clients’ networks stable, maintained, safe and secure by resolving any potential security threats. With regular maintenance, monitoring, security, and protection against any cyber-attacks, we seek to help our clients attain peace of mind. Contact us today to discover more about how we can help protect your clients from cyber-attacks.

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