Has Your IT Firm Added A Security Training Portal For Your Clients?

The sole behavior-driven security awareness solution that offers real-time phishing simulations and security training.

Security Training and Awareness

Employee Training

The first step in phishing awareness training is to inform your customers of the dangers of phishing and give them the tools they need to recognize and report phishing attempts.

Phishing Simulation Exercises

Simulated phishing campaigns, which can include mass phishing, spear phishing, and whaling, can help you better understand your customers risk, increase workforce resiliency, and reinforce staff training.

Monitor Results

Use the findings, such as the attack types that were most effective and which teams were most exposed, to concentrate your security monitoring efforts, improve your phishing awareness training, and implement more phishing prevention measures. The outcomes can also be used to document advancements in your phishing awareness campaign and track its progress.

Security Training and Awareness

Security training awareness is a security strategy utilized by IT firms and their professionals to prevent and allay user risk. These types of training programs are designed to assist users and employees and to recognise and understand the important information security measures they need to perform in order to protect the IT company’s network. It offers the users awareness of threats, protection techniques, and other malicious activity. On the other hand, employees are trained to identify suspicious websites and emails, use strong passwords and back up their IT data.

Training for End Users

Our in-depth knowledge and computer-based training is culturally relevant, effective and easy to execute and will surely help to build a highly developed awareness program.

Conducting Risk Analysis

Our business’s IT team will help you carefully choose the areas of training that are important, and also guide you to reduce the cost connected with the security awareness training program while measuring the program’s effectiveness.

Stimulating Phishing and Training

Single Point of Contact offers a phishing platform that includes a tiered-template methodology into your IT company’s security awareness program, equipping training to be customized to the level of each user and employee.

Focused Role-Based Training

We know that technical roles require specialized and technical training so that you can reduce the threats and attacks associated with highly technical teams within the IT firm. Hence, we offer you a team of the most experienced and knowledgeable professionals in their respective fields.

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