Security Strategy Essentials to Keep Ahead of Rapidly Changing Threats

Cyber criminals never keep the same strategy for too long. As a result, companies and individuals always have to be ahead of the latest threats in their security practices. One of the best ways to do this is by utilizing managed security services providers to do the work for you. Of course, having your own security strategy essentials within your organization will only strengthen your cause, so it’s important to at least lay out the basics. Here are some of the most essential strategies to adopt in order to stay ahead of the rapidly changing threats as much as possible.

Education Can Prevent Cyber Threats

If you wait until a cyber attack occurs before educating your employees, then it’s obviously too late. Educating employees on safe email practices, password strength, web surfing and more are the basics behind stronger security. Many cyber threats occur because employees aren’t aware of a potential attack, so education is one of the best strategies you can adopt for many reasons.

Backup Any and All Files

The best backup solutions for small business owners will keep your files separate from the primary computer or network. This way, no matter what type of attack you experience, you’ll still at least have the files available from the latest backup. It’s important to backup your files frequently, since you never know when an attack is going to occur. In fact, many backup solutions for small business owners will backup files every hour, or every day at the very least.

Practice Your Disaster Recovery Plan

Cyber security threats always change, but your disaster recovery plan will likely remain constant. Using a disaster recovery service can help you put together a plan and practice it occasionally. Knowing what to do in the event of an attack will reduce downtime in your organization and prevent a significant amount of damage from occurring.

Rely on Expert Advice

With cyber threats constantly changing and evolving, you have to rely on experts to monitor the landscape for you. The role of managed security services providers is to stay current on the latest threats and ensure your network security is prepared for the rapidly changing threats. The problem with an in-house IT staff is it may take a few days to provide protection on the newest threat. And all it takes is a matter of seconds for a cyber criminal to get into your network. Managed security services providers bridge the gap to ensure protection at all times.

Single Point of Contact is not only a disaster recovery service, but we also help companies develop proactive strategies to ensure they are always protected from an IT standpoint. We constantly monitor new developments in the cyber security world and can quickly patch up any holes that are vulnerable to threats. Don’t hesitate to contact us to learn more about the best security strategies to adopt for your organization so you can always be protected.

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