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Secure Colocation Services by Managed IT Partners

Doesn’t it feel nice when someone else takes care of ordering delicious food while you sit back, enjoy and only pay the bill? It sure does.

Managed IT service partners provide you with the same level of peace of mind with colocation services.

Secure data center solutions

Colocation services by managed service providers (MSPs) allow businesses to store their proprietary and confidential data in secure data centers. These locations are owned by the clients and managed by the MSPs.

Virtues of colocation services

Disaster can strike a business at any moment. It pays to have contingencies in place to prevent irreversible damages. Let’s go through some of the main benefits of colocation services.

  1. Enhanced network security – Data centers for colocation have top-class network security measures in place like the latest firewalls and IDS systems to safeguard against unauthorized access to computer systems.
  2. Redundant power supply – Colocation allows you to have your data stored in centers guaranteeing zero power outages with a continuous power supply with the help of multiple grids, backup generators, etc., and efficient cooling systems.
  3. Affordable scalability – MSPs give you the option of expanding your data center infrastructure as per your business requirements. There is no need for significant capital expenditure, and businesses can afford more IT equipment quickly at a reasonable cost.
  4. Uninterrupted connectivity – Colocation services deliver constant network connectivity to organizations using auxiliary network connections, ensuring that their business-critical functions operate without glitches.
  5. Cloud networking ­– With more and more businesses adopting cloud services, colocation facilitates increased capacity building and higher network performance with constant maintenance for the adoption of cloud services.

Small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) are the largest beneficiaries of colocation services. Usually, SMBs do not have the required IT framework to extend the magnitude of their business rapidly.

Managed colocation services can aid them with professional, secure, and expandable data center solutions.

Colocation offerings by MSPs

The primary services by MSPs include

  • Tailor-made design architecture – MSPs handle everything from a single piece of equipment to an entire field of them. Everything is customizable according to business needs.
  • Higher uptime – With redundant network and power systems in place, business efficiency is increased and downtime is eliminated. Some colocation partners even provide service level agreements (SLAs) guaranteeing 100% power.
  • Cost-effective IT configuration – MSPs help you achieve the desired IT framework for optimal business productivity at a significantly lesser cost than what would be required for a company setup.
  • 24-7 monitoring and security – Your data centers are monitored round-the-clock for vulnerabilities and secured using cutting-edge enterprise-level software.

Colocation data center services by MSPs help small and medium-sized businesses grow as much as possible without worrying about their IT facilities.

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