Is Your Firm Turning Business Away Due to
Scaling Challenges?

Our firm can have a dedicated white label team in place within 24 hours.

Scale On-Demand

Flexible Packages

We provide our partners with a flexible package that scales with their demand, no large minimums or long-term agreements. Our goal is to help you build your business at your pace.

Pay For What You Need

Our model is designed so you only pay for what you need. We scale on-demand.

Ticket model

The ticket model is ideal for your clients who have an internal IT department. We can take overflow and charge for each ticket that is assigned to the help desk.

Project Experts Available As Needed

Your firm can hire our security, cloud or server experts as needed. We do not have minimums or rigid terms.

Eliminate Hiring Staff

Scheduling interviews is time consuming. When you hire our team, the interview process is no longer a check box on your list.

Scale On-Demand

Scale On-demand helps every IT organization to optimize its infrastructure by provisioning resources as needed and ultimately it ensures the best resource utilization. With the assistance of this level of flexibility, it will help organizations to accommodate growth, handle numerous variations in workload with no investment, etc. This super-advanced concept is associated with Cloud computing where multiple resources can be scaled up or down, such as computer power, network capacity, storage, and so on. Cost efficiency and improving agility are one of the proven benefits of Scale On-demand.

Popular for Best Performance

We help every IT business to customize their server that meets their specific needs. If you are curious to know how to build cloud computing infrastructure that can easily meet specific demands, we are the best choice to help you.

Get Iron-tight security

Businesses connect with those that promise to provide a highly secure cloud. Single Point of Contact is a reliable choice for your business as here we provide a powerful cloud with zero percent additional cost.

Believe in Scalability

 Get top-tier cloud solutions from our business that will turn your herculean IT projects into a no-brainer. Additionally, our cloud solutions are exceptional enough to minus the operational costs.

Team with Great Expertise

 The team of Single Point of Contact has the best experience as they keep on updating their knowledge and skills to present unparalleled solutions all the time.

A Trusted Partner Since 1999

Single Point of Contact’s White Label Solution is a flexible option for IT firms that prefer to scale on-demand. We set up a dedicated number for your business, create a branded web portal and respond to emails with your domain. You no longer need a dedicated team to take tech support calls. Our cost-effective solution eliminates the need for businesses to build and manage a technical team.

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