Protecting with Authentication Should be Simple for Everyone Involved

Many companies require their employees and customers to use multi-factor authentication before logging into their website or portal. The reason is it’s much harder for a cyber criminal to break into a system or network with the extra layer of security. While most IT security services highly recommend using multi-factor authentication practices, they also understand why employees are reluctant to implement it. Work productivity can be slowed down when you have to go through extra steps to simply log in, so it’s not worth it to them to continue authenticating it. Security needs to be convenient for everyone involved, so experts are discovering ways to make authentication a simpler and quicker process.

Could Traditional Passwords Become Extinct?

Zero-trust security has been a big topic of discussion recently. The idea behind it is sophisticated cryptography and authenticators are used to add a layer of security without inconveniencing the user. For example, biometric technology like facial recognition or fingerprint matching is gaining some steam as being an authentication method companies utilize. The technology acts like a traditional password with dual authentication, but it is more time efficient for the user and offers the highest level of protection from a security standpoint. Work with your managed service provider to see if a non-traditional authentication method would work for your organization.

How Companies Can Improve Authentication

Companies that work with a managed security service provider are more protected than those that don’t. There’s no simple solution to authentication, so every company has to evaluate their needs and determine what methods they should be implementing. Business owners should be able to trust that anyone who logs into their network has the permission to do so, but that’s not realistic when you consider how well a hacker could be disguised. Your managed security service provider can discuss options to help you improve your authentication without making it inconvenient for everyone involved.

Security Standards Should Be Raised

Simply sending out an email to your organization and asking them to implement dual authentication for their logins usually won’t be effective. It requires an overall enhancement of the understanding of IT security services throughout the organization to truly appreciate the reasons for raising the level of security. Employees can be reluctant to make these types of changes since they fear it will impact their productivity. However, when the security standards are clearly communicated, along with the consequences of not following the standards, it should make the transition much easier.

Single Point of Contact works with every client to meet their specific needs. While every organization should have multi-factor authentication practices in place, there is no universal solution that fits everyone. Our goal is to raise your level of security without compromising workplace productivity. When this happens, everyone from top to bottom benefits. Be sure to contact us to see how we can make security simple and effective for your business.

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