Web Security and Big Data

Partnership with Unmotive

Web Security and Big Data - Partnership with Unmotive

Greg Morawietz the owner of Single Point of Contact, was invited to speak about Web Security and Big Data on the Unmotive platform. They talk about big data, privacy concerns, and how regular users can secure their computers. 

This episode is all about how the web can be more secure and how companies look at security. Greg knows first hand it is a hard job for two reasons. Cutbacks by companies to infrastructure and security investment and also the nature of the beast. The fact that there is always someone looking to break software for ethical reasons (ethical hacking) or for nefarious reasons (viruses, malware, and computer hackers).

They talk about some of the solutions for small, medium, and large businesses such as proxies and next-gen firewalls.

“Insecurity we are the janitors.[…] we aren’t sexy, we are ugly[…] we always bring bad news and technology concepts people don’t understand.”

They also talk about some public hacks and what they mean in the larger picture of the web ecosystem. Lastly, they go over some common hacks and systems exploits that could be used to compromise your data or computer.

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