The Struggles When Operating An IT Firm With Gregory & Fernando

The Early Struggles of an IT Service Firm

Fernando and Gregory Chat about the struggles. Plus a Marketing Pro for MSP’s

Gregory and Fernando built a multi-million dollar MSP, but it took 12 years to find the recipe for success. It was a long struggle, but the two of them, backed by a strong team of IT experts, made it happen. Listen in on the struggles and what changed their MSP business.

3 Value Bombs

1)Cold calling is an option if you have a limited budget, but who is the decision-maker?

2)Partnerships are great resources

3)How PPC(Pay Per Click)changed our business


This is episode #1 and in this series, the founders of Single Point of Contact will dive into the challenges they experienced as a young firm after the dot-bomb and 9-11. It was a tough time when it came to generating new business.

Host: Gregory Morawietz, has been working at Single Point of Contact for over 20 years.

Co-Host: Fernando Leon, VP of Sales and Marketing joined Single Point of Contact in June of 2001.


1.Challenges to building an IT service firm

2.Challenges with cold calling and locating the decision-maker

3.Online strategy


Nick Deck has over a decade of experience marketing MSPs and other professional services companies. His agency is dedicated to helping MSP owners automate their growth so they can scale predictably and truly enjoy the businesses they’ve worked so hard to build. You can reach Nick at Visit his site at Heroesof.Marketing.

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