Our Top 5 Cloud Computing Solutions for Small Business Cloud Storage

While making the decision to relocate your company’s data to cloud storage is a major one, choosing how to store it on the cloud is a different but equally important decision altogether. Your cloud storage device will hold every bit of your essential information on it, meaning you’ll want something reliable—in terms of being able to access your files as needed and trust you and your company members are the only ones with access to it. What are the best cloud storage devices? Look no further than this list of handy cloud managed service providers.

Microsoft OneDrive

If you’re a Windows devotee, Microsoft’s cloud storage system may be just the ticket for you. OneDrive aligns perfectly with any current Windows OS. OneDrive is also compatible with every OS beyond Windows. However, Windows users have special access to “Fetch,” a feature that lets them transfer documents and other files from any computer that’s already connected, whether the files are in OneDrive’s cloud or not, an added bonus is OneDrive’s collaborative potential. With OneDrive, you and your fellow company members can work on documents together. When you first sign up, you get 15 free GB of storage but can get as much as one terabyte at a rate of $6.99 per month.

Google Drive

Google Drive is similar to OneDrive in that its focuses are collaborative. It’s meant to cooperate well with Google-based programs but can be used on any computer. One of its most useful features is rendering files from applications the user potentially does not own. Google also gives you 15 free GB but offers up to 30 TB at a rate of $299.99 every month.


Box’s entire business model centers on the ability of company members to collaborate with one another. This means Box is less focused on storage, though the option still exists. It possesses a number of features for the sake of collaboration, however, such as specific search functions and screen sharing tools. The first two weeks of this service are free. Afterward, the fee comes to $15 a month per person and has no storage limits. You must sign up with at least three people.


SugarSync works with any digital device and cooperates well with your Outlook programs, allowing you to create links to files of exceptionally large sizes and send them out in email format, instead of using valuable space. You get an initial free trial of 30 days, then have payment options of a monthly $55 or yearly $550 for 1 TB for three people. Rates rise to $125 with every person you want to add.


As far as cloud business solutions go, Dropbox is best suited for storage. Its business version will give users 1 TB each, as well as a number of security and administrative features. You get the first 14 days for free and have to pay $12.50 a month for each person, with a maximum of five users.

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