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Our Guide to Educating Employees on Malware

Cyber criminals love employees who don’t know the first thing about Internet security. As a business executive, you can invest in all the best security tools and have a complete managed IT support service to rely on, but it still may not be enough if you don’t educate your employees on malware. Cyber criminals are constantly searching for even the tiniest hole in a network, and many times it is an employee who provides it.

An innocent mistake like clicking on an infectious link or opening a malicious attachment could prove to be devastating for your business. Here’s how you can educate your employees to prevent these mistakes from happening.

Help Employees Understand What Malware Is

Provide your employees with some real-life examples of what malware can do to a computer or entire network. If you need to, bring in a managed security service provider to do a demonstration on how the process works. When employees understand their jobs could be at risk because of their negligent Internet security practices, they will likely think twice about opening that email attachment.

Hold Frequent IT Security Training Sessions

The basic Internet security measures usually don’t change. It’s valuable to hold a general session about creating stronger passwords, updating software and other things. However, even meetings as often as every three months or so would be valuable for your organization. Reminders about how devastating malware can be will help keep Internet security at the forefront of your employees minds. You can also let them know what you are doing behind the scenes as the business owner to protect the company.

Utilize Resources For The Best Security Tools

You have to do your part as a business owner to help put your employees in the best situation. This could be by hiring an IT security consultant or holding more frequent Internet security information sessions. One of the best resources for businesses large and small is managed security service providers. Not only do they work behind the scenes to create the highest level of security for your organization, but they can also explain security risks and other educational materials in a way employees can understand.

Single Point of Contact is your resource for 24/7 computer support. In the unfortunate event of a malware attack, we are here to help prevent and minimize the damage and get your business back up and running as soon as possible. We can also help with malware prevention by offering tools and resources to educate your employees. To see the many ways we can serve your business, contact us today.

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