Enterprise Online Storage

If your firm is considering a Public, Private or Hybrid Cloud Storage Solution, securely store your company’s data in the cloud, making it accessible any time, anywhere. Our online data storage platform provides the space you need and the scalability to grow with your business. Storing documents online has never been more secure or easier.

Easy Uploading

Save time with faster, more convenient file uploading for your online data storage solution. Upload multiple files simultaneously, all you need is your browser, easy to drag-and-drop.

Scalable Resources

Pay for only what you use, we can accommodate any sized business from large enterprise sized businesses to small offices. Resources on demand when you need them, pay only for the space you use and the amount of outbound data transfer.

Advanced Activity Tracking

Every occurrence within your workspace is tracked, including individual document sharing activity for every user. An online data storage system, free of any concern.

Precise Permissions

We take security very serious and storing documents online and assigning permissions should be simple, so you can stay focused on your work. You determine who has access to your content and the level of permissions each user has — keeping your data secure.

Securely Store Your Data To the Cloud

Our storage platform offers businesses a more secure online data storage solution. With all of the features you need to create a robust online document sharing solution, sharing documents online has never been easier and more secure.

Collaborate with Your Peers

We make it simple to add collaboration features to your online data storage solution. Our messaging and task features makes working with your colleagues simple and secure.


With straightforward pricing, no long-term contract lockups, and a free 30 day trial, the Single Point of Contact platform is the easiest way to create a secure document sharing solution for your small business or enterprise environment.

24-7 Support

When it comes to choosing a cloud services provider, every firm is entitled to great support. Our US based IT team is always here to provide expert support 24-7. We don’t sleep, go on vacation or call in sick.

A Trusted Technology Partner Since 1999

Businesses rely on IT performance, security, and reliability. Without an effective IT plan, your business is at a considerable disadvantage when it comes to competition. The cloud experts at Single Point of Contact have helped hundreds of firms migrate to a cloud platform. Contact us today to learn more about how our team can help your firm select the right platform based on your company requirements.