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Office 2013 Versus Office 365: Which Is More Productive?

If you have kept up with Microsoft news, you were probably aware of the releases of Office 2013 and Office 365, both of which debuted after Windows 8. However, to onlookers, these two programs may seem to be the exact same program under different names. In some ways, this is true. You will be getting similar apps with identical functions, just packaged differently. However, the packaging is the difference, and these differences are what you should be well aware of while choosing your cloud business solutions. We will be highlighting exactly where these two programs diverge.

About Office 365

When you choose Office 365, you are essentially paying for a service. You will be paying a fee at a rate of once every year or every month, all to receive the full Microsoft Office suite for multiple users. In fact, you can pay for as many people to use this software as you want. With the initial package, you have the ability to grant five people access to the Microsoft Office suite and have the option to add more people at an additional cost, all as you see fit. Office 365 is thus ideal for company environments. Microsoft has caught onto this fact and thus made several Office 365 package plans catering specifically to the needs of businesses.

In addition to the full suite, Office 365 users will also be granted a slice of Microsoft’s cloud server at 20 GB worth of storage, to be precise. In addition, users will gain an extra hour of Skype calling to use as they wish. Office 365 may be ideal for business owners looking for IT management solutions.

About Office 2013

In comparison to Office 365, Office 2013 is far more traditional. It is, in essence, Office 2010’s “sequel” program, a full productivity suite offered as a software package. You purchase it in its entirety, rather than paying a service fee, after which it is yours to install on your computer. The catch is the program is yours and yours alone. You can only install it on your own PC. Additionally, you have more options as to which programs you receive, and many program packages from which to choose based on your individual productivity needs. If you desire, you can even buy the programs you need on a solo basis.

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