Now is the Time to Revamp Your Cybersecurity Strategy

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Just like with almost any technology, as soon as your cybersecurity strategy is adopted, it is quickly outdated. Having a proactive IT management strategy means always staying on top of the latest security trends and upgrading as necessary. The IT security services you put in place even a year ago may need to be updated. The truth is, though, most small and midsize businesses wait until it’s too late to evaluate their cybersecurity strategy. Here are some reasons why now is the right time to revamp your strategy and what all should be considered.

What To Evaluate Within Your Business

It’s a great feeling to be confident with your IT security services, but those services need to be revisited often. Some of the common things to evaluate in your business regularly include:

  • Whether the size of your business has grown or shrunk significantly in recent months or years
  • If any new equipment has been added, including IoT devices
  • If new locations or building have been opened that operate under the same servers or networks
  • Whether there have been any signs of cyber attacks within your organization
  • If it’s been a while since you’ve reviewed cybersecurity protocols

Any of these points should signify to management that’s it’s time to do a re-evaluation of cybersecurity practices. Sometimes a simple upgrade to IT security services may be sufficient, but other times a complete overhaul may be recommended.

Best Practices To Revamp Your Cybersecurity Strategy

Having a proactive IT management strategy means doing a self-evaluation as well as implementing best practices. Conduct regular risk assessments and penetration tests to determine how strong your current solutions are. Also, ensure all of your networks are encrypted to add another layer of protection. Educating your employees on proper cybersecurity practices can also go a long way in enhancing the security in your business, since many data breaches originate in-house.

Being Proactive is Essential Today

There are many different ways to be proactive with your cybersecurity strategy. Something as simple as working with a 24/7 computer support service can ensure your networks are protected outside of normal business hours. When you wait until a cyber attack occurs before you start prioritizing cybersecurity, the damage is already done and may be too late to recover from it. Having a proactive IT management strategy at all times gives you the best chance at securing your business.

At Single Point of Contact, we constantly look for ways to enhance the security of our customers, while staying within their budget. Cybersecurity practices constantly change due to the fact that cyber criminals get more sophisticated and technology is always evolving. Conducting regular assessments is a perfect way to ensure you always have the proper security protocols in place, and we are here to help. Don’t hesitate to contact us at any time to begin the evaluation process and to revamp your cybersecurity strategy the right way.

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