NIST 800 -171 3.1.10

Use session lock with pattern-hiding displays to prevent access/viewing of data after a period of inactivity.

You can control when a screen saver will pop up with the Global Policies Object in windows. You will need to use GPO’s later so start getting used to setting up GPO’s for specific controls. You need to set up when a screen saver will pop up on a mac, Linux or other systems manually in most cases. You will want the screen saver to prompt for a password when you return as well, don’ t let the user back in without a challenge and password upon returning their systems. You can set it for around 5 minutes to be safe. You also can purchase physical screen protectors that will make it so that you can’t see what is on the screen unless you are looking straight on into the system. You will want these types of protectors if you are in a communal area and accessing the CUI. So set your screensavers for 5 minutes challenge for password upon return and get a screen obscurer for your systems.

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