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Modern Data Backup Solutions Offered by White Label Managed IT Service Providers

Dynamic is the nature of all processes in an IT business’s daily operations. Since data is the essence of such operations, as a small IT firm owner, you must equip your network infrastructure with solutions that guarantee maximum data availability to your clients.

That’s why you need the modern solutions offered by white label managed IT service providers.

As IT organizations expand operations, they come under extreme pressure to fulfill their commitments, as mentioned in the SLAs they furnished their clients. Add to that ever-evolving supply chain factors and market competitors, and you’ve got a situation your in-house IT team finds challenging.

Key Focus Points of Modern Data Backup Solutions

Established white label IT organizations are at the forefront when it comes to addressing the data backup solutions of IT businesses of the present day. The data backup solutions they offer are built keeping in mind two key points:

  1. How comprehensive is the solution?

Technology is advancing at breakneck speed, and IT organizations are adopting them at the same pace. This has resulted in data being located in multi-cloud, hybrid, and fragmented, remote environments.

The data backup solution you are using to ensure your IT firm provides maximum data availability should counter threats like data loss and compromised data. IT specialists of white label firms are adept in handling such complex requirements to reduce data silos.

  1. How relevant is the solution?

If you take a bird-eye look at the data backup demands of IT companies from five years ago, they are worlds apart from today’s industry demands.

Ensuring consistency in data recoverability across different generations of technology is the second fulcrum of data backup solutions offered by white label MSPs. Their solutions not only take into account previous generations of technological requirements but provide a flexible and intuitive solution to successfully deal with the needs of tomorrow.

Three Primary Types of Contemporary Data Backup Solutions

Mentioned below are the top three data backup solutions that offer the highest value for growing IT businesses:

  • Cloud-based solutions – One of the most capable and efficient backup solutions, cloud-based data backup is just what an IT company needs if it wants to ensure maximum uptime and scale its operations without affecting its data backup capabilities.
  • Backup appliance optimized for data protection – In this case, the vendor configures and optimizes the appliance to be fully compatible with the backup target. The backup software automatically kicks into action and can also be configured to replicate the backup to the cloud.
  • Physical servers running backup software – This strategy involves installing backup software within an IT organization’s own data center. It is perfect for those firms who need a flexible backup platform to keep their data backups on the premises.

Only an Integrated Data Backup Approach Will Work Wonders

If your data is scattered across multiple environments and data centers, you definitely don’t need your data backup solution to be the same. An end-to-end data backup solution provided by an experienced white label managed IT service can help you offer your clients data availability levels higher than your closest competitors.

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