How Secure Is Your Clients Network?

Our SIEM platform will keep your clients secure and compliant eliminating the risk of a breach.


Dash board

Centralize your clients’ security data on our multi tenant platform.

Event Correlation & Analytics

Our SIEM provides event correlation. Event correlation uses advanced analytics to quickly find and eliminate possible threats to the network by identifying and comprehending complex data patterns.

Log Management

SIEM aggregates relevant data from multiple sources, it will identify deviations from the norm and take appropriate action. Our security team can automatically manage event logs in one centralized location thanks to the real-time collection.

Monitoring Users and Applications

Organizations require an amount of visibility required to manage network hazards from outside the conventional network perimeter as remote workforces, SaaS apps, and BYOD policies gain popularity. The visibility of the entire infrastructure is greatly improved by SIEM systems, which keep track of all network activity across all users, devices, and apps. These solutions also detect risks regardless of where digital assets and services are accessed.

Compliance Management & Reporting

Our SIEM solution is a popular option for businesses that must adhere to various regulatory requirements. SIEM is a useful solution for obtaining and verifying compliance data across the whole corporate infrastructure because of the automated data collection and analysis it offers.

AI Driven Automation

As IT teams manage enterprise security, next-generation SIEM systems connect with potent Security Orchestration, Automation and Response (SOAR) capabilities to save time and resources.

Detecting Advanced Unknown Threats

Organizations must be able to rely on solutions that can identify and respond to both known and unidentified security threats given how quickly the cybersecurity landscape changes. Modern security breaches can be successfully mitigated by SIEM solutions using integrated threat intelligence feeds and AI technology.

A Trusted Security Partner Since 1999

Single Point of Contact is a White Label Managed Security Service Provider that provides a wide range of cybersecurity technologies and services. Our job is to keep your clients’ networks safe and secure by first, preventing a security threat, but when one does, we will respond to the threat within minutes.


SIEM security systems for IT businesses collect and analyze data from various sources to detect malicious threats and activities. After that, they create alerts which will help security personnel to identify, investigate and mitigate potential threats rapidly. These systems will provide data that can be utilized to proactively observe and identify vulnerabilities before a breach occurs. By collaborating with security automation and analytics, SIEM solutions can generate an effective layer of security that supports IT firms to keep safe and compliant.

Evolved Organizational Efficiency

We will ensure to help your in-house team to react quickly and effectively to security incidents, as SIEM can play a necessary role in streamlining processes and improving interdepartmental association.

Reduce False Alerts

We offer SIEM solutions that can assist determine and investigate actual potential threats more instantly. To review and reduce false positive alerts, we send dashboards to identify, categorize and target threats to security analysts.

Attain Flexibility

Our SIEM solutions offered by our IT team will elevate collaboration and integration with different spaces and technologies, both outside and inside of the IT organizations.

Real-time Visibility

Our highly knowledgeable experts offer modern SIEM solutions that give security analysts near real-time visibility into the state of your security. We’ll collect data from numerous different sources from local, cloud, hybrid, and multi-cloud terrain to provide analysts with a complete picture, which enables quick detection. 

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