Log Collection Insight Will Keep Your Clients Data Secure

A solid SIEM solution is built on log collecting, and the Snare Agents are the industry standard for feature-rich, dependable, and portable log collectors.

Log Collection

File Integrity Monitoring

File Activity Monitoring locates sensitive data on your servers, categorizes it using pre-defined or user-defined parameters, configures rules and policies for data access, and decides what should happen when the rules are broken.

Integrate With Any SIEM

Snare integrates with SIEMs and Security Analytics software on the market, making it a favorite among consultants, MSSPs, and in-house security experts.

USB Drives

Monitoring removable media and how it is used on systems is crucial for spotting possible data leaks, malware, and other unwanted behavior.

DB Activity Monitoring

Monitoring MS SQL activity inside a single database or across an entire instance that includes many databases can be done effectively.

File Activity Monitoring

Discover which individuals are accessing your files when and for what purpose. Who does this, and is it required that they do? A vital element of compliance regulations, including PCI DSS, HIPAA, FISMA, ISO27001, NIST, etc.

Log Collector

Log collector gathers logs from various sources and analyzes them to identify potential security threats, anomalies, or any other suspicious activities within your IT infrastructure. A log collector is created to handle large volumes of logs efficiently, however, it can be scaled up according to your business’s needs. The customizable dashboards and reporting features of it allow you to visualize log data in a way that perfectly suits your requirements and generates meaningful reports.

Reduced Troubleshooting Time

Allow our IT staff to assist you in knowing the root cause of any log collector challenge so that we can accelerate the process of pinpointing what the problem is and eliminating it, so, to ensure that your potential customers don’t have to endure being deprived of your services for longer periods.

Improve your Customer Experience

We will extend a helping hand towards your IT business so that you can offer the highest level of expertise, optimal performance, and unparalleled solutions and reaffirm your commitment as a provider of top-class IT solutions for your users and customers.

Prompt Assistance

Experiencing log-related incidents or anomalies? Don’t worry, team up with the experts of Single Point of Contact and quickly address your log collector issues and increase the security coverage without any additional cost for your customers.

Save your Time and Operational Cost

We let your business focus on core competencies and strategic initiatives. You can also allow all your business internal resources to the part that promotes growth while leaving the security monitoring including log collector-related issues to our dedicated team without any additional cost.  

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