Case Study

Expert Turnkey IT Required a Scalable Model to Deliver a Quality Help Desk Service


Expert Turnkey IT is a Managed Service Provider in the Ft. Lauderdale, Florida area. They primarily work with the hospitality industry and other verticals in the area. ETIT struggled locating experienced staff to resolve level I issues for their clients. The challenge was affecting the quality service they offered and clients were beginning to get impatient. ETIT was growing rapidly, but they needed a solution that would scale with their demand and met their tight budget. To make matters challenging, new clients required 24-7 help desk support and at the time, ETIT only offered support during business hours. They faced a huge challenge.


The Single Point of Contact team presented a “Soup to Nuts” solution for ETIT help desk requirements. The package was cost effective, it included a 24-7 help desk, staff was US based and SPoC offered a guaranteed service level agreement. The onboarding process is painless, we assigned an 800 number, setup email, and a portal with ETIT branding. The SPoC team has tools in place to identify the client within seconds, review history on the end user and reference documentation to solve problems quickly.


ETIT received a quick Return on their investment (ROI), clients were extremely happy and they referred new business to ETIT. The most recent survey produced an all time high for customer service satisfaction. ETIT has a team that is experienced, reliable, and would scale with their demand. The flexible model that can scale up or down made it easy for Expert Turnkey IT to make a change on their help desk requirements.

The two firms continue to collaborate and the staff at SPoC continue to help ETIT improve their relationship with their clients. The staff has uncovered opportunities to deliver SOC services and this has increased the bottom line for ETIT.


  • Reduced Operational Costs
  • Increase in Sales
  • Access to Over 100 IT Professionals
  • National Onsite Support

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