Is Your Firm Ready for Office 365?

As one of the most trusty productivity brands, Microsoft Office 365 is rapidly taking over the managed IT solutions world. Whether your firm is a longtime user of Microsoft products or you are interested in converting to a new productivity service, Microsoft Office 365 may be the most fitting application for your office. Unsure of what it can do? We’ve gathered the most important information about Office 365 and how it works so you can learn exactly what you would be paying for.

What Can Office 365 Do for Me?

Office 365 gives its customers an ample amount of storage, approximately one full terabyte’s worth. This ensures you’ll be able to back up everything you need. The fact Office 365 is an online service also means you have the ability to share your files with whomever you wish, regardless of where they are in the world and regardless of the time of day you need to send anything. Synchronization is automatic and simple, which will help you stay constantly up-to-date with your work.

Office 365 also offers brand optimization, from assistance with creating your brand through its specialized marketing tools to creating a custom domain name for your email address. Office also touts a large number of messaging services beyond email alone. You can utilize video conferences, instant messaging and much more, all to get in touch with potential clients and your business team alike.

How Can I Tell Whether Office 365 Is the Right Fit for My Business?

Follow the checklist below to determine how well Office 365 will suit your firm’s day-to-day needs.

  • Does the idea of a paperless firm appeal to you?
  • How out-of-date are the programs your office already uses?
  • Are you aware of the amount of security already in place for your office’s important files? Is it enough?
  • Does your company utilize SharePoint with its Extranet and Internet services?
  • Are you satisfied with the return on investment you currently receive?
  • What is the quality of productivity in your business? Are your employees as efficient as they can be or could things be improved?
  • What kind of tasks does your IT staff perform? Would you like to give them higher-level work on a regular basis?
  • How long has it been since you’ve upgraded your productivity applications? Is giving them a tune-up easy or excruciating?
  • Is employee productivity becoming a costly part of your firm’s expenses?
  • Would you like to improve the communication system your office uses? Are you interested in trading up your firm’s messaging apps?

How did you answer these questions? Consider switching to Microsoft Office 365 if any of the above questions elicited a positive answer from you.

We, at Single Point of Contact, make cloud business support our main focus. Because of this, we offer our clientele 24/7 computer support. If you are interested in switching to or altering your cloud services, contact us for help or more information on how to make your transition.

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