Is Your Firm Ready for a Security Audit?

No firm wants to go through a security audit, but as long as you’re prepared for when the time comes, there’s no need to stress over it. It’s always good practice to have proper procedures and policies in place for security purposes anyway, so those guidelines will help naturally prepare you for a security audit. If you’re worried about a potential audit, you can always reach out to an IT consulting service that specializes in security. You can also review these tips to ensure you’re as prepared as possible.

Disaster Recovery Plans

This plan should detail exactly how your firm handles a possible IT disaster and any lost or compromised data. Many times, an auditor wants to know whether your firm uses a complete managed IT support service to help with disaster recovery, since these third-party companies can generally retrieve data much quicker than in-house IT staff.

Internet, Email and Password how long does testosterone take to work bodybuilding Policies

Many times a security breach comes from employees not using safe Internet, email and password practices. An auditor will ask any firm to review with them these sorts of policies and what the firm has done to enforce them. Strong passwords, safe Internet use and conscious email use are all important factors in maintaining a secure network.

IT Security Policies

This is more of a general policy usually put together by IT security services. It involves things like whether your firm uses firewalls, encryption programs, authentication methods and many other means of securing the network. Even the smallest hole in an IT security policy could leave your firm vulnerable to a cyber attack. Without the help of a complete managed IT support service, you’ll also be vulnerable during a security audit.

Incident Management

One guarantee with technology is the occasional interruption in service. How your firm reacts to those interruptions will determine how prepared you are for your audit. Whether it’s just a general power outage or a possible security breach, firms must have a solid procedure in place for dealing with these situations.

At Single Point of Contact, we provide the best comprehensive IT security services to ensure every firm we work with is prepared for a potential security audit. Be sure to contact us to see how we can help you.

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