Is Your Company Monitoring the Right Systems?

One of the most important aspects of owning a business that often doesn’t have as high of a priority as it should is network monitoring. Small and midsize business owners have many different aspects of their organization to manage, so security and monitoring tend to get pushed to the side. And sometimes the in-house IT staff simply doesn’t have the bandwidth or experience to handle all of the issues that arise. This is where white label network monitoring services enter the picture. These services ensure all bases are covered from a security perspective so you can grow your business without any security concerns. Here are some of the systems a managed security service provider can monitor for you.

Server and Infrastructure Monitoring

A company’s infrastructure is unique and sometimes complex. The role of managed network services is to understand the entire infrastructure of an organization in order to know which aspects need to be monitored closely. With active monitoring, the chances of downtime are minimal and won’t be for very long if there is a period of downtime. Most issues can be handled before they become significant, and sometimes users won’t even realize there was an issue to begin with.

Mobile Security

Mobile security has taken a bigger priority in organizations since employees sometimes have the freedom to work on-the-go. At the very least, mobile devices should be encrypted so all confidential information will be protected in the event of an attack or compromise. Companies are still trying to figure out exactly how to handle mobile security, but having a managed security service provider readily available to assist brings business owners peace of mind.

Website Functionality

Every minute your website isn’t functioning properly is potential profits going down the drain. A managed security service provider will evaluate traffic to determine whether your servers have enough bandwidth to maintain optimal speeds. Sometimes new product releases or other circumstances could drive more traffic to your website, so it’s important to know the website will be able to stay functional during peak traffic times. And with managed network services constantly monitoring your website, any downtime will be minimal to the point where the outage isn’t even noticed by most customers or staff members.

Single Point of Contact offers managed security services to allow business owners to have more peace of mind. We will conduct a comprehensive evaluation of your network and servers and put together a plan for the best way to monitor all aspects. We understand your organization is unique and we will treat it as such. Not having the right systems monitored can leave your company open to security risks and vulnerabilities that can be costly and damaging. Be sure to contact us today to see how we can prevent these issues and allow your company to operate smoothly around the clock.

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