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Is Your Business Security Threatened by Mobile Malware?
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There are more companies allowing their employees to use mobile devices to conduct business, the more vulnerabilities and security risks need to be addressed. Just like malware can infect an entire system or network by opening up a malicious email attachment from a desktop computer, mobile malware can be installed on a mobile device just the same. Nowadays secure IT server management goes beyond simply securing in-house computer systems. Here’s how mobile malware works and how much your business security is at risk because of it.

How Mobile Malware Works

Hackers use mobile malware to access confidential and sensitive data stored on your mobile device. They do this by hiding malicious code into advertisements, email attachments, mobile apps and more. If the user doesn’t suspect anything malicious, they could download the code inadvertently and the cyber criminal could gain access to sensitive information. Some of the types of mobile malware include ransomware, keyloggers, adware, bank trojans, trojan viruses and more. Having 24/7 computer support available can give you peace of mind and prevent mobile malware from being installed on your device.

What Information Could Be Stolen?

A cyber criminal wants to steal as much information as they can and hope it’s valuable to you. This includes banking information, identification information and even client or customer information if you have it stored on your mobile device. Any secure IT server management company will suggest always browsing on private networks, avoiding downloading unnecessary apps and ensuring you know the sender of any given email you open.

Best Practices For Preventing Mobile Malware

Mobile malware is extremely common, but you can protect your organization from it. Companies specializing in IT support for small and midsize business owners may suggest the following best practices for preventing mobile malware:

  • Only allowing app downloads from authorized and recognized app stores
  • Using a Virtual Private Network, which encrypts communications sent and received
  • Encrypting data so hackers can’t view it even if they access it
  • Enabling dual authentication whenever possible
  • Restricting access to certain data to only the employees who need the information
  • Providing mobile security training to employees

Single Point of Contact provides IT support for small and midsize businesses, and we always cover all bases. Whether it’s protecting your internal networks and servers or multiple mobile devices among all employees, we have a solution to protect your organization from malicious attacks. Our goal is to allow business owners to focus on running their business and not have to worry about IT security. We will handle all the work behind the scenes and just keep you informed along the way. Don’t hesitate to contact us at any time to learn more about how we can protect your business.

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