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Is Your Business Data Secure in the Cloud?

The ongoing debate in the business world is whether traditional IT services are more secure than storing information in the cloud or vice versa. One of the biggest myths is the cloud isn’t as secure because the company doesn’t have complete control over the security of its files. The reality is they are just as vulnerable to a cyber attack with the traditional in-house protection as they would be with the cloud.

The issue surrounding IT security services will undoubtedly continue as studies come in showing the number of cyber attacks. The location of the data isn’t necessarily as important as the accessibility people have to it. If there are vulnerabilities in your in-house security practices, it will be easier for that information to be compromised than if it were in the cloud with no vulnerabilities.

So Why Do Business Owners Shy Away From the Cloud?

Quite honestly, business owners like to have control of everything in their company. It’s an understandable trait, since their entire livelihood could be riding on the success or failure of their business. Having cloud storage solutions doesn’t seem like an attractive option because they have in the back of their mind that someone else is responsible for the security of their important files. Also, the public perception of the cloud plays a major role in the mindset of business owners. Even though there is a cyber attack on in-house IT services every day, the ones the public hears about are the breaches that occur through the cloud in general.

What Does the Data Show?

The majority of business owners have reported they are concerned with the security of their company’s files. When asked about cloud business solutions, three out of four business owners said they are concerned about the overall security of the cloud, and a little less than half of the respondents stated they believed without a doubt the cloud was not secure.

Realistically, though, there are more attempted attacks on in-house solutions than those in the cloud. Again, this goes back to the point of how vulnerable the data is to getting hacked. In general, the cloud is not as easy to access as in-house IT services so there are fewer attempted attacks. If you would like to learn more about how information stored in the cloud could be beneficial to you, contact us, and we will advise you on the best options for your company.

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