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Is On-Premise Data Storage More Secure?

Over the past several years, cloud storage solutions have begun to replace the traditional on-premise data storage. There are many debates and opinions about which one is more secure, and the answer really isn’t that simple. Both solutions have their pros and cons, but you can’t argue with the major companies that have switched from on-premise data storage to the cloud.

Still, many business owners want to stick with the traditional data storage because they feel like they have more control over their confidential information. However, the reality is it takes more manpower and resources to bring an in-house IT solution up to the same standard as a cloud-based solution. With all the myths and theories circling the two, it can be difficult to know what to believe.

Safety Issues with On-Premise Data Storage

There are many reasons backup solutions for small businesses are gravitating more toward the cloud. Traditional on-premise IT solutions could potentially be more vulnerable to a cyber attack than the cloud, but that all depends on the resources you have. Many small businesses can’t afford to pay the best IT professional in the industry to protect their data. As a result, the expertise of that employee may not be up to the same quality as the technical staff of a managed cloud service provider. Without the proper knowledge and expertise, you could be missing out on some key security measures to put your company at risk.

Breaches in the Cloud Versus On-Premise

Studies have shown on-premise IT solutions are more susceptible to cyber attacks than cloud-based services. As a result, there are more breaches with on-premise solutions. The reason you don’t hear as much about them is because people tend to not question the traditional IT services that have worked for so long. However, when the new technology comes out, people are quick to press judgment and will publicize any type of downfall. In general, it is much more difficult for hackers to access your company’s information through the cloud than it is through on-premise solutions.

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