Is GDPR a Win for Cyber Criminals?

One of the biggest topics of discussion today in the information security world is the new General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). The entire idea behind GDPR is to impose stricter rules and regulations on how personal and business information is collected and processed. As with any new regulations like this that come into effect, companies have to learn as quickly as possible how to become compliant. Companies that work with a managed security service provider are typically in a better position to make a seamless transition, since the provider is required to know everything possible about the regulation.

The controversy surrounding GDPR is whether it’s actually more beneficial for cyber criminals than anyone else. In theory, a cyber criminal could hold a business hostage because of the strict GDPR regulations. Here are some of the more concerning elements of GDPR IT management solutions teams are looking at closely.

Cyber Criminals Have More Opportunities to Make Threats

Under the rules of GDPR, companies have to respond to any access requests timely, or they will be subject to penalties and fines. Cyber criminals could see this as an opportunity to take advantage of companies by flooding them with GDPR requests. The attack method would be similar to Denial of Service (DoS) requests, in a sense that businesses would essentially have to halt daily operations to address the requests. Essentially, the more times a cyber criminal attempts to hack into an organization, the more power they will have to hold it ransom.

Potential Damage To A Company’s Reputation

As with any data breach, a company’s reputation is on the line depending on how they handle the attacks. With potential GDPR penalties being significant, companies don’t have a choice but to handle them appropriately. However, if cyber criminals do use DoS methods to overwhelm a business, consumers could have questions as to whether the company has the right IT management solutions in place to combat the attacks. In many ways, companies can’t win in these situations.

Protecting Your Organization From Cyber Criminals

Working with a managed security service provider is likely the best chance a company has for surviving the new regulations presented with GDPR. With the potential overwhelming requirements, small business owners simply won’t have the resources to be able to combat attacks and take the necessary actions to remain compliant. Having an outside provider monitor your systems and take immediate action when needed could be the difference between your business thriving or having to close due to fines, penalties and an irreparable damaged reputation.

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