Is Artificial Intelligence a Threat to Cybersecurity?

Artificial intelligence (AI) technology is widely viewed as being beneficial for many areas of business. It can be used to more accurately predict trends and sales to help plan budgets, marketing strategies and much more. However, when it comes to AI and IT security services, there are often more questions than answers. While AI can help IT experts ward off cyber attacks, cybercriminals also use AI to create more sophisticated attacks. So what may seem like a proactive IT management strategy on the surface can turn into a never-ending battle with hackers if you don’t make adjustments.

How Artificial Intelligence is Used in Cybersecurity

IT experts use AI technology mostly to gain insight into how cybercriminals make threats and attacks. This technology also helps bolster some common IT security services like network monitoring, 24/7 computer support services and much more. The ability to recognize threats quicker give security experts more time to combat attacks, which can minimize the potential damage significantly. The goal is for security experts to get ahead of cybercriminals to provide better protection for organizations, but that is often easier said than done.

The Main Threat Artificial Intelligence Presents

A major challenge for IT security experts is knowing how cybercriminals will use artificial intelligence to their advantage. Hackers are utilizing machine learning to target companies and individuals, which has led to a rise in spear phishing attacks in recent years. More sophisticated spear phishing attacks is just one example out of many different ways hackers are using AI to their advantage. Companies have to help their IT security personnel by educating their employees on how to identify these sophisticated attacks to prevent major disasters from happening.

Artificial Intelligence is Not A Foolproof Security Tool

It’s very clear how beneficial artificial intelligence has been and can be for businesses globally. However, when it comes to IT security services, artificial intelligence is anything but a foolproof tool. Companies still have to have a proactive IT management strategy involving multiple levels and approaches to combat these sophisticated attacks. Security experts warn business owners about falling into the trap of having a false sense of security just because they are utilizing AI tools. Once you get relaxed and feel comfortable with your IT security services, chances are a hacker is ready to take advantage.

Single Point of Contact is here to help companies add another layer of protection to their IT security services. We work closely with your in-house IT personnel to develop a proactive IT management strategy that fits your infrastructure and your budget. Every business should look into the advantages of artificial intelligence. But as long as you also acknowledge and plan for the potential issues with cybersecurity, then the strategy you develop has a better chance of being successful. To discuss these issues and more, don’t hesitate to contact us at any time.

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