Is a Hybrid Cloud a Better Fit for My Business?

If you are currently shopping around for cloud storage solutions for your business, you’ve likely already heard of your two predominant options: a private cloud and a public cloud. Both of these have their advantages, depending on the type of business you run and what you want out of your cloud service. However, there is another option that will easily give you the best of both worlds: the hybrid cloud. Read on to learn more about what the hybrid cloud is and how it could be the right match for your company.

Defining the Hybrid Cloud

Before we go into the benefits of the hybrid cloud, we should first talk about what exactly the hybrid cloud is. Simply put, the hybrid cloud is a mixture of both private cloud services and public cloud services. A hybrid cloud gives your company all of the security and privacy ensured by a private cloud, with all of the independence associated with a public cloud. Hybrid clouds can manifest in several ways, including:

  • Companies creating individual servers they then combine with the services of a public cloud provider
  • Hybrid services offered by existing cloud provider companies
  • More than one provider teaming together to create one large cloud bundle

What Advantages Will a Hybrid Cloud Service Lend to My Company?

Hybrid clouds are one of the more ideal customized cloud business solutions for smaller companies. A hybrid cloud service can give your company top-notch security for your sensitive information, all with the more affordable price tag often attached to public clouds. There are other advantages to creating a hybrid cloud network as well.

  • Hybrid clouds are easier to access. Hybrid clouds work similarly to public clouds because you will be able to access your company’s data no matter where you are and regardless of the time of day. This is great for companies that rely on telecommunication in any form because productivity will never be hindered by staff members being away from the office.
  • Hybrid clouds are economical. When you decide to use a hybrid cloud service, you can adjust the amount of server space you require whenever your needs change. This gives you a wide array of options regarding how to manage your files. Additionally, the prices for hybrid services are often similar to what you would pay for a public cloud.
  • Hybrid clouds are speedy. The way hybrid clouds are constructed ensure they are expedient in terms of operation. You will be able to manage your files quickly and easily, much like you would with a public cloud.
  • Hybrid clouds offer greater security. This is great news for any company that has to meet certain confidentiality agreements. You can easily protect any information you wish, all while maintaining high functionality.

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