Inside a Hacker’s Plan

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An eye-opening moment for some small businesses is when they see exactly what a hacker goes through to attack a network. It can sometimes be hard to truly understand what goes into a cyber attack, which could be one of the reasons why businesses don’t prioritize cybersecurity as much as they should. Having a quality computer support solution available to you at all times can help protect your organization, but knowing what to look out for on your own is beneficial as well. Take a look at exactly how a hacker plans on attacking your network.

Tools Cyber Criminals Use

While a cyber attack may seem completely random, that’s actually not necessarily the case. Cyber criminals use network mapping software to learn everything they can about your network, such as what operating system you’re using, what services you have active, the security measures you have in place and other pertinent information. Once they have everything they need, they will calculate their next move to ensure it’s as effective as possible.

Hackers Look For Easy And Efficient Ways To Compromise Networks

A hacker will assume a user will put their disaster recovery plan in action soon after a threat is identified. That’s why they plan their attack to be easy and efficient so they can steal as much information as possible in the shortest amount of time. During the attack, the hacker is looking for every small hole to get into, while your computer support solution is plugging them up at the same time. When you have a quality computer support solution, the damage will be minimized, but there will still be some things to clean up.

Putting A Halt To A Hacker’s Plan

The best way to stop a hacker’s plan in its tracks is to plug up any security holes or gaps immediately upon identifying them. You never know when a cyber criminal is lurking and waiting to pounce on the opportunity. Auto-downloading security updates is highly recommended, as well as always having the highest-level security programs and features installed. When your plan is stronger and more proactive than a hacker’s plan, you’ll have a better chance of defending yourself.

Single Point of Contact knows exactly what a hacker wants to do and how they can do it. With this knowledge, we are able to help small and mid-size businesses protect themselves from hackers every single day with proactive approaches. Whether you need a day-to-day 24/7 computer support resource or need to develop a disaster recovery plan from the beginning, we can help you with all things dealing with IT. Be sure to contact us today to learn about our services and to get some peace of mind with your IT security.

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