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In-House Vs. White Label Help Desk Support: Which is Better?

White label help desk support is better! We can say that and be done with it. But that wouldn’t be convincing enough. You need to know why white label help desk support is better than having your own trustworthy team handle your IT business’s help desk support. Let’s delve into the minute details to make the argument convincing enough!

Figures are Proof

According to a study by HubSpot, 51 percent of companies with a high growth rate leverage the power of help desk services. Moreover, 86 percent of IT service teams say that their productivity levels are increased with the support of help desk services. However, small businesses may not necessarily be part of that group. But they can be! But how?

The Comparison

If you said by having an in-house expert help desk support team, you were wrong. The IT industry is a crushingly competitive market. Any company (primarily small businesses) that lacks even slightly in quality will suffer the unsaid rejection by the public. Having said that, small IT firms can opt for white label help desk services to give them an edge in the market.

Let’s compare a company’s internal help desk support with white label help desk support services keeping in mind the key points of difference.

  • Costs – The first point of discussion will be the costs associated with the help desk services. An in-house team needs training and equipment to offer IT support to customers. This means expenses for the company. On the other hand, white label firms already possess the necessary trained experts and equipment, thereby reducing your operational costs significantly.
  • Availability – An internal IT support team, no matter how efficient, cannot be present all the time to solve customer issues, unless it’s a part of a large enterprise. For small businesses, it’s an impossibility. White label help desk services have teams working in shifts to provide 24-7 assistance to all their clients.
  • Expertise – Small IT firms cannot afford to hire supremely talented help desk professionals due to the lack of appropriate remuneration ability or unavailability of resources (since they already work with large corporations). White label firms only employ the most proficient specialists who deliver the most reliable help desk support for the IT teams of their clients.
  • Technologies – Small businesses and startups begin business operations with the available budget, which is small compared to that of large organizations. This only provides them access to basic technologies for IT support. In contrast, white label help desk solutions provide them with cutting-edge IT support technologies like automation, self-service portals, routine assessments, knowledge base, etc., to confer companies with award-winning help desk support services.

These differences make it crystal clear that a white label help desk is superior to an internal team’s IT support services.

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