In-House IT Staff vs. Managed Services: Which Is More Worth Your While?

No matter the size of your business, it’s always helpful to have someone to help with the more complicated aspects of business ownership and management. This is why as our commercial and private lives integrate more with technology, owning and properly managing an IT system becomes increasingly important to maintaining one’s business. You’ve likely either considered or tried several options when it comes to managing your business’s IT network and may be wondering whether managed services or an in-house assistant is more ideal. They both have their own benefits so here are some things to keep in mind while you decide.

Proficiency and Experience

Regardless of who you hire, you want them to know what they’re doing. Furthermore, if you’re weighing your options between a managed service and hiring your own in-house expert, you may find managed service providers are more qualified in terms of experience. A full-fledged IT service company has served a vast array of clients before and, as a result, seen and solved a variety of IT-related issues. In short, they have seen it all. The same cannot necessarily be said of a solo technician, who may have only worked in one particular sector of the IT service industry and is only familiar with one particular type of system or issue.


If you hire an in-house expert, you won’t be paying for their services alone. You’ll also have to supply them with equipment, as well as supply much of your own IT support. This isn’t so economical for small businesses with equally small budgets. However, managed network services will automatically supply your company with the tools you need as part of their service package. A managed service will take care of most of your IT needs for you, allowing you to take your mind off of IT-related concerns. This makes for a much better deal on your part, especially in combination with the level of expertise you’re getting in exchange for the price.


Managed IT solutions tend to run like well-oiled machines. They’ve been in business for so long they know what works and what doesn’t, meaning they’ll be able to help your staff with its IT needs quickly and efficiently. They will likely be dealing with many more businesses besides your own and thanks to their experience in handling multiple clients, will be able to serve your business without a hitch.

So Which Is the Better Solution?

Based on these three elements alone, it seems managed service providers are the more efficient option. However, the needs of every business are completely different. In the end, the decision is yours and yours alone. We at Single Point of Contact are here to help with any decision you make. For more information on IT services and what we have to offer, contact us!

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