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How You Can Incorporate Microsoft 365 Into Your Business’s Marketing Strategies

As the latest tech news dictates, Microsoft Office 365 is rapidly on its way to businesses across the nation and the globe! Some are anticipating Office 365’s release on the edge of their desks, while others are a bit more reserved. In any case, you’ll definitely want to consider taking advantage of this powerful new productivity tool as part of your cloud business solutions. Do you know all the ways Office 365 can give your business a helpful boost? We’ll fill you in on some of the best ways to utilize the suite to its fullest.

Use Your Resources

Office 365 serves as a great way to lure in prospects! All it takes is knowing how to better appeal to customers. Once you become an official Microsoft 365 member, you can offer free trials as incentives on your website. This method can work for pre-existing and new customers, thanks to the vast array of other offers you can provide alongside free trials. This includes renewal for Microsoft’s online cloud storage, as well as other programs oriented toward owners of small businesses.

Capture Your Customer’s Interests

Office 365 makes it easier than ever to market yourself to your customer base. Those interested in receiving Office 365 can also try out Constant Contact, a tool specialized for managing business advertising emails, for up to three months at no additional cost. Businesses can also use Office 365 to craft appealing videos to send to their customers, as well as an assortment of emails to send out to customers in increments as part of an eye-catching email campaign. The sky’s the limit with Office 365 as your primary tool!

Organize Your Projects More Fluidly

If you’re involved in online marketing, you know the importance of collecting and managing your data. Microsoft 365’s online cloud storage system allows you to store your important data quickly and easily, as well as share them with the rest of your staff whenever you need them! Upon setting up Office 365 for your office, you can create a full-fledged site oriented just for your business. From there you can separate your various files into libraries and folders, which you can further fine-tune by deciding which of your staff can open or edit each library you create.

Office 365 is designed to help your staff stay as organized as possible, as well as up-to-date on what everyone else is doing. This means you’ll always have an idea of what’s going on and what steps you’re taking to appeal to clients. You can store your customer analytics data in an easy-to-access folder, then hold a meeting with the staff you’ve given access to so you can decide how to proceed.

Marketing your business is tough work, but we hope your Microsoft 365 subscription and tips from our IT consulting services can make it easier. Make sure to also contact us to learn how else you can put your business on the online marketing map!

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