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How White Label SOC Services Win Trust With Small IT Firms?

“Don’t let the threat of cyber-attack worry you”

IT security of your clients’ firm is of utmost importance. There are numerous threats that might affect their data and network. This is ranging from Ransomware, phishing, to impersonation emails, and many more. This ideally means that your client’s IT security is your responsibility. To ensure the confidential data and information is safe, White Label SOC services comes into play. The small IT firms are always looking for reliable and experienced White Label SOC service providers. Here are some ways that White Label SOC service providers helps small IT firms:

Security Information and Event Management – Security tools offered as a part of White Label SOC service helps IT firms protect against any new attacks by adeptly managing the information. The team of security experts assist and help identify the improvement areas. IT firms can be at peace with White Label SOC service handling the task of monitoring, detecting, and managing areas that are vulnerable and prone to security breaches.

Cloud management – The cloud security professionals are well versed and experienced to handle all the niche specific tasks. The sophisticated bots with advanced control and command software helps enterprise with even the most difficult tasks. Adaptive threat protection as well as aiding clients to evolve and combat even the most sophisticated attacks is one of the most important and helpful when it comes to ensuring security of IT firms’ data in the cloud.

Intrusion Detection & Prevention Services – White Label SOC service provider reduces the risk of losing important data due to any malicious network traffic error. The cybersecurity professionals have the best industry leading tools that offer adept security experienced to handle multiple platforms for hundreds of clients.

Malware protection and regular vulnerability check-ups – Web borne threats are only increasing in number, so it is of utmost importance to be vigilant and stay updated with the best ways and techniques to combat latest threats. Phishing and malware attacks are the ones to affect most IT firms, hence, it is important that regular checkups are conducted. White Label SOC service providers takes care of all the malware protection and vulnerability check-up to help the IT firms.

Disaster Recovery – Hardware failures can affect any business, hence, it is important that the business is ready to bounce back without any hardware and overhead complexity. White Label SOC service offers the provision of disaster recovery as a service, it helps IT firms by maintaining a backup that is ideally very helpful in case of loss of data.

Encryption – The IT firms data is flowing through the cloud, it is very important that a robust defense is deployed on the network to ensure that all the end-users and devices that are accessing the network are going through a secure channel. Encryption helps keep all the data safe by ensuring a robust defense, backing up the server, and carrying all the security on the laptop. Affordable and efficient security audits and certification are another prominent feature of partnering with White Label SOC service provider. There are other tools and techniques that are employed to educate the IT firms on the latest and the most reliable phishing prevention techniques.

Single Point of Contact is your White Label Managed Security Service Provider that offers all kind of data protection and other related cybersecurity tools and techniques. Our role is to keep your clients network protected and solve the possible security threats. We strive to help our clients achieve their peace of mind with constant monitoring, handling their security and protecting against any cyber-attacks. To learn more about how we can help protect your clients from cyber-attacks, contact us today.

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