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How to Solve the People Problem of Cybersecurity
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Companies sometimes have a hard time believing the fact that many cyber attacks originate from within their organization. This doesn’t necessarily mean their employees are malicious and shouldn’t be trusted. But it does mean people, in general, don’t take cybersecurity as seriously as they need to, resulting in some serious risks and vulnerabilities. One solution is working with a remote monitoring IT service to add another layer of protection to prevent data breaches from occurring. Another is to be proactive in educating your employees and providing them with the resources they need to do their jobs securely. Here’s valuable information to consider to solve the people problem of cybersecurity.

Know What Your Employees Need

Employees are going to do what it takes to do their jobs most efficiently, even if it means not following the proper security protocols. So before you roll out new policies, procedures or platforms, check in with your employees to see how they could potentially be impacted and adjust accordingly. A managed IT solution can work with you to provide the best solutions to benefit everyone involved so there won’t be any temptation to bypass security to benefit efficiency.

Require Stronger Passwords

Most employees won’t use long or difficult passwords at work, especially if they have to use them multiple times each day. Any 24/7 computer support service suggests forcing employees to strengthen their passwords, since hacking a password is one of the top ways cybercriminals get into networks and systems. You may also require all users to use dual authentication to sign in to certain applications, especially those with sensitive information. Taking a few extra seconds to securely login is worth it when you consider the potential risks of having a password stolen.

Develop A Culture of Cybersecurity

Culture takes a long time to develop in any organization. As a business executive, you have to prioritize cybersecurity as much as you do other aspects of your workflow in order to show employees how important it is. This could include frequent training sessions, showing examples of data breaches and demonstrating how a cyber attack could impact each employee personally. Your managed IT service provider can work with you to develop a comprehensive training program that should eventually lead to a solid culture based on productivity and security.

Single Point of Contact is a Managed Security Service Provider that offers 24/7 computer and security support and takes proactive steps to protect your organization. We understand the challenges businesses face on a regular basis and our goal is to take them off of your plate for good. Not only will we protect your network and servers at a high level, but we can also provide tips on how to enhance your security from within. Never hesitate to reach out to us to see how we can help you solve any issues surrounding cybersecurity.

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