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How to Protect Your Company Data

With cyber attacks on the rise, small and midsize business executives are seeking answers as to how they can protect their company data. Businesses in general have often overlooked the importance of IT security services in the past for various reasons, but now protecting data as much as possible has become a priority. With so many different ways your network can get hacked, it’s sometimes best to leave data security in the hands of a managed security service provider. Here are some tips on how to best protect your company’s data.

Encrypt Your Data

Data encryption is a necessity today to prevent valuable information from getting stolen in the event of a cyber attack. During a cyber attack, a hacker will try to compromise as much information as they can, but if your disaster recovery plan includes data encryption, then their efforts won’t yield the results they desire. Data encryption will prevent a lot of nightmares if your business goes through an attack.

Update Security Software Frequently

It doesn’t do any good to have the best IT security services and software in place if you don’t update them often. Hackers look for holes in software, which is why there are frequent updates to install. Not installing these updates right away can leave your company data vulnerable to getting stolen.

Conduct Vulnerability Tests

Whether you work with a managed security service provider or have a full in-house IT staff, conducting regular vulnerability or penetration tests can tell you a lot about how secure your company data is. If your test results show holes in your network security, then it’s time to figure out how to patch them. It may seem like a burden to run these tests so often, but it’s much better to do it yourself rather than a hacker find the hole and steal your confidential data.

Educate Staff

While your employees may not have malicious intent, many data breaches start with employee negligence. Providing cybersecurity education courses to employees could be one of the best things you do to protect your organization. When an employee understands the importance of having strong passwords, how to identify phishing emails and other things to look out for, you’ll be naturally adding another layer of security to your business.

Rely on Experienced Security Specialists

The best IT security services are often provided by a managed security service provider. Small and midsize business owners typically don’t have the time or resources to dedicate to IT security, so relying on the experienced specialists is an attractive option. Business owners can rest easy knowing all of the points mentioned above are taken care of in the background, while they are handling other important business aspects.

Single Point of Contact is a managed security service provider dedicated to protecting companies around the clock. We will work with you to provide the IT security services tailored specifically to your business requirements. We understand data security may not be your top priority, which is why we take a hands-on approach and strive to be your trusted resource for all things data security. To learn more about our services and how we can protect your company data, contact us today.

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