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How to Prevent Company Data Breaches

Company data breaches can be devastating to businesses. Many companies will close their doors within months of a data breach, depending on the nature of the business and what information was compromised. Once a data breach occurs, that damage is done and you can’t go back and stop it. However, you can take some preventive measures to ensure one doesn’t happen again.

Having a proactive IT management strategy will go a long way in preventing a data breach from ever occurring. If your company has been fortunate enough to avoid a serious breach, it may be time to revisit some of the preventive actions to ensure all bases are covered and your information is protected as well as it can be.

Encrypt and Back up Information

Encrypting your data is one of the best ways to prevent it from being compromised. When a hacker has to decrypt information in order to access it, there’s a much smaller chance they will be persistent in trying to break in. Storing information on another server or in a cloud to back it up is also valuable. Using managed IT services is becoming more popular in today’s business world, making it important to look into it as an option.

Set and Reinforce Company Policies

The business world is more mobile than it’s ever been. Whether you work from your mobile device or from your home, policies need to be set and audited to ensure compliance. Even things as simple as setting stronger passwords and logging out of each application after use are things that get overlooked by many employees. If you stress the importance and potential risks involved with taking security measures, your employees will likely take them more seriously and be more aware of their actions when accessing information online.

Test and Update Your IT Protection

Many IT security services will suggest you run regular tests to ensure all services and equipment are up-to-date and working correctly. It can be easy to forget about your IT protection once you have it set up, but it’s extremely important to ensure it is functioning properly. Even one small issue could lead to a major data breach so keeping all of your equipment up-to-date is a good preventive measure to prevent a potential catastrophe.

Preventing data breaches from happening can be overwhelming since there are so many bases to cover. If you contact us, our experts will outline the preventive measures you can take so you will have peace of mind when it comes to your company’s data security.

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