How to Minimize the Damage of a Cyber Attack

No matter how hard you try to prevent cyber attacks, there’s still a possibility of one occurring. Having a disaster recovery plan in place is essential for minimizing the damage done during a cyber attack. Every second matters in these situations, so knowing exactly what to do when one occurs can protect your organization in more ways than one. Here are some proactive IT management strategy tips to help you control the amount of damage done in the event of a cyber attack.

Put Your Disaster Recovery Plan In Motion

You should be testing your disaster recovery plan periodically to ensure there are no holes or gaps in it. That way, if a cyber attack does occur, you know it will be effective. The idea behind disaster recovery plans is to keep business operating as normally as possible, while any damage gets cleaned up in the background. With the help of managed security services, this plan can be put into motion immediately upon detecting malicious activity.

Conduct Frequent Vulnerability Tests

When you conduct frequent vulnerability and penetration tests, you can get a glimpse into what information could be compromised if a hacker were able to get into your network. Of course, this is a great proactive IT security strategy to prevent attacks, but it’s also a good strategy for minimizing damage after the fact as well. Conducting more tests following an attack can give you some insight as to where things went wrong and identify what you can do to prevent future attacks.

Prioritize Protection of Sensitive Information

As soon as an attack is detected, certain information may need to be taken offline to prevent it from being compromised. This comes with knowing where your most important and sensitive information is stored and acting promptly to protect it during a breach. The best managed network services will identify the type of attack you’re dealing with and take the necessary steps to contain your most sensitive information.

Work With A Trusted Managed Service

As a small business executive, you may not have the experience or the IT staff to be able to handle a cyber attack and minimize the damage. This is exactly why managed security services are available. When you work with a security partner you trust, you can allow them to handle your sensitive information in the most secure ways possible. Plus, they can help create a comprehensive disaster recovery plan to ensure any damage is kept to a minimum during an attack. Working with one of these trusted services is a small investment when you compare it to the potential consequences of having sensitive data compromised.

Single Point of Contact is here to help businesses prevent cyber attacks and minimize the damage done in the event of an attack. With these attacks on the rise every single day around the world, it’s nearly impossible for small businesses to fully protect their assets on their own. We are the experts in all things revolving around data security, and we strive to prove it to our clients every day. Be sure to contact us to learn more about how our security services can help you in many ways.

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