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How to Make the Most of Your Cloud Storage

You cannot assume you and your business are covered just because you’ve signed up for cloud storage solutions. Even with the most detailed safeguard, things can go wrong. This is why it is good to always be prepared, but what are the next steps after finding the cloud storage service that fits your company so well? We have a number of handy tips to help provide you with extra insurance on top of your cloud storage, which should keep your data safe and give you and your employees even better peace of mind. What’s more: you can get all of these extra services for free!

Create a Scanner out of Your Smart Device

You can easily make copies of an important document through the use of your phone’s camera. With the help of a simple app, you can use the photo you’ve taken by converting it into a a PDF file and then slipping it into your cloud storage system of choice. The best free app for this would be Doc Scan, which is iPhone-only.

If This, Then That

IFTTT, also known by its full name, If This Then That, is a free fetching system you can link between cloud storage services. It is one of the ideal cloud business solutions because of its ability to keep you connected with multiple services at once. You can instantly set it to transport files you’ve saved to one cloud to a separate cloud by another host, giving you double the backup.

Make Your Text Documents Available Offline

Dropbox and Google Drive both have settings that allow you to maintain access to specific files, even when you cannot get a stable connection to the Internet. The way this works is either of these services backs up the files you’ve selected on your hard drive. You can then get to the document whenever you need.

Connect Files Across Computers

This can be done using Cubby, a cloud service that lets you synchronize any number of folders and files across any number of computers. You can pick which folders you want to share, which will then be sorted in your device of choice for added easy access.

Try Molding a Cloud Storage Space of Your Own

This is possible through the use of OwnCloud, which works in a similar fashion as Dropbox. Simply drop in the files or folders you want to save. You can even choose to share them with others, if you wish. It works on any computer you have available and possesses limitless possibilities.

As you can see, you have all sorts of options to keep your data safe and sound alongside the use of your chosen cloud service and more. At Single Point of Contact, we can help you find other cloud computing IT solutions to benefit your company. For more information, contact us.

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