How to Keep Your Company Data Secure on the Cloud

When it comes to the issue of privacy anywhere in the cyber world, the short answer is there is none. It’s virtually impossible to keep your company data completely secure on the cloud or anywhere else, but there definitely are preventive measures you can take that will greatly increase the amount of security on the cloud.

Cloud computing IT solutions are becoming more trusted every day by business owners. However, would you really put your company’s most secure documents on a physical server or drive, much less a cloud server? Being smart about what you put in virtual space is the main step in protecting your data, but there are some helpful tips that will keep your information more secure in the cloud.

Back up Your Data

Even though the cloud is a great way to back up your information, it’s always a good idea to have another backup solution. You can put your data on an external hard drive, create electronic copies to save in other locations or even open up another cloud account for the purpose of backing up the information.

Encrypt Your Data

A lot of cloud managed service providers offer services that will encrypt your data, making it more difficult for hackers to pose a cyber threat. This is the best way to ensure your company information is safe because decryption is required before granting access to view the files.

Be Conscious of Your Online Activity

In a world where we operate with Wi-Fi hotspots, it’s extremely important to make sure you log out of each session you open. It doesn’t matter if you are on a public computer or working from a shared Wi-Fi connection, your information could be compromised if you allow even the slightest opening for a hacker. Never save your password and avoid viewing confidential information whenever possible, since unencrypted networks make it much easier for hackers to view the information.

Overall, the cloud is one of the best IT security services available, but it doesn’t mean it’s bulletproof. No matter how secure you think the cloud is, you still have to do your part and not be careless about your company’s valuable information. These are important topics that shouldn’t be taken lightly so contact us and we will give you tips and solutions on how to best keep your company data secure on the cloud.

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