How to Improve Your MSP Service Level Agreements

A Service Level Agreement (SLA) is important for both a managed service provider and the client. When an SLA is in place, the client knows exactly what to expect to receive when it comes to the services provided and overall expectations. A well-defined SLA also helps keep the managed security service provider on track and protects them from any misunderstandings. In other words, Service Level Agreements should be taken seriously, and here’s what both clients and managed service providers should do to improve them.

Hire An Experienced Lawyer

As much as you would like to think clients and IT management solutions will be on the same page, the reality is there’s a good chance issues will arise without a clear SLA. It’s worth the time, effort and resources to hire an experienced lawyer to review the SLA and ensure all parties know exactly what to expect. Every client is different, so the language of the SLA should be as well. A good lawyer can point out any flaws in the agreement so they can be addressed before it is signed.

Communicate And Be Honest

A Service Level Agreement is not designed to be a sales pitch. If a managed service provider makes promises that seem to be unreasonable, clients should become wary. On the other side, managed service providers should develop SLAs that clearly outline their services without sugarcoating anything. Clear communication and honesty in the SLA and verbal communication will go a long way in sustaining a long-term relationship between the client and provider.

Set Realistic Expectations

A good SLA will explain what a managed service provider will do, as well as what they will not do for clients. As the client, if you speak with an IT security consulting service, they will provide a clear understanding of what makes your business operate efficiently, then make sure those requirements are outlined in the SLA. A managed service provider should never agree to provide a certain level of service if they are not capable of following through with it.

Educate Employees on Service Level Agreement Requirements

Employees for both the managed service provider and clients should know exactly what’s included in the SLA. In most situations, employees are on the front line when it comes to business and IT operations, so they shouldn’t be left in the dark. Knowing exactly who is responsible for handling certain issues will help everyone involved work more efficiently.

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