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How to Get Your Infrastructure in Shape to Shake Off Scriptable Attacks

Scriptable attacks are the most common, and the most dangerous, attacks cyber criminals make on networks. The main reason why these attacks are so dangerous is because every phase of the attack is automated, meaning they can cause more widespread damage in a short amount of time. Cyber criminals know most companies don’t have the best security in place, so scriptable attacks allow them to use multiple scripting languages to compromise data.

What can you do to protect your company from scriptable attacks? Here are some tips.

Automate Whenever Possible

The best managed security service providers automate their processes to be more efficient in their IT security practice. Since cyber criminals automate their attacks, it only makes sense to have your processes automated as well. Automation can help a managed security service provider identify issues proactively by knowing what vulnerabilities are present in a particular infrastructure.

Run Vulnerability Scans and Penetration Tests

One of the best ways to protect your infrastructure is to always run vulnerability scans and penetration tests. This is one of the first things managed security services providers will do to analyze the strength of the security. If you don’t know what needs to be fixed or patched, you can guarantee a cyber criminal will find it. These tests can help you fix problems upfront before they become a larger issue.

Always Update Security Software

Keeping your IT security software up-to-date is critical. Even allowing a software patch to expire for a single day could cause big problems if a cyber criminal identifies it. These patches are put into place for important reasons, so any managed network services suggest updating them immediately when they are available.

Utilize Resources Available to You

Any time you have IT resources available to you, be sure to use them as much as you can. The best thing any company can do is use managed security services providers. These providers will monitor your company’s infrastructure and can easily prevent scriptable attacks on your network. The key to preventing these types of attacks is being smarter than the attackers. A quality managed security service provider has the intelligence and skill to do exactly that.

At Single Point of Contact, we use many different strategies to help shake off scriptable attacks. We’ve helped numerous companies get their infrastructure in shape to prevent these attacks, so be sure to contact us for help.

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