How to Better Handle Network Security Alerts

Having a system setup to alert you of potential network security issues is a great system to have. However, many small and midsize businesses don’t act on those alerts properly until it’s too late. The fact is smaller companies don’t have the luxury of 24/7 security support with their in-house personnel. Even an on-call system doesn’t always work effectively. Every company can improve on their network security, so here are some ways to better handle network security alerts when they are received.

Setup an Alert System

You may have a system that alerts you with potential network security issues, but it doesn’t mean you have a system in place to react to them. Designate certain people to be on-call for remote assistance and repair, if you have qualified people employed in your company. It would be convenient if all security alerts happened during normal business hours, but that’s simply not a reality. Having a small team of people designated to handling security alerts is the ideal situation for any business.

Develop Network Security Standards

Network security alerts are only beneficial if the receiving party knows what the issue is. IT staff needs to know as much information as possible to know what the problem is, so they can take appropriate action to fix it. Having a 24/7 computer support staff in place is great, but the staff needs to be given more information than simply an alert that the network is down.

Hire a 24/7 Computer Support Company

It’s worth it to most businesses to use an IT consulting service to help them determine how to better manage network security alerts. Some companies may have perfectly qualified staff to handle these, but just need a better system in place. Other companies may need to consider hiring a Managed Security Service Provider to react to the alerts more quickly.

These third-party companies will provide 24/7 security and tech support and have all the resources they need to act on potential issues immediately. Business owners can rest easy knowing the security alerts are being handled timely and with minimal damage.

Single Point of Contact provides 24/7 computer support to all its clients. Whether you can use our services or need advice on better handling network security alerts in-house, be sure to contact us at any time.

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