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How to Begin an Effective Cybersecurity Routine

When your business is operating at peak performance, it’s easy to think cybersecurity is something that can be put on the backburner. While this is never true, there are ways you can take some of the burdens off of your company and still ensure you have the right IT security services in place. It starts with having an effective cybersecurity culture that impacts everyone in the organization from top to bottom. When everyone is on the same page with your in-house staff and managed security services providers, you’ll be on your way to having a completely secure network. Here’s how to start developing an effective cybersecurity routine.

Start With Developing A Workplace Culture Around Cybersecurity

The culture of a workplace often gets overlooked for various reasons. If you don’t preach and prioritize cybersecurity, then your organization will always be vulnerable to cybersecurity breaches. Employees may not think twice about clicking a malicious email link and they may simply ignore the security update notices that come up on their screen. These are perfect signs of a poor workplace culture from a cyber security standpoint. Once you tighten up the human element of cyber security within your own office, your actual IT security services will be more effective.

Always Backup Files

Getting into the routine of constantly backing up your files is also important. The last thing you want to happen during a cyber attack is not being able to access any of your data or files. Most companies today use cloud backup services, which allows you to store your data at a different location. And when you work with a managed security services provider, they will likely implement automatic backups daily or even multiple times throughout the day. 

Be Proactive In All Cybersecurity Practices

Having a proactive cyber security routine is arguably the best characteristic of a safe and secure organization. This means educating employees on cybersecurity, including the ramifications of a cyber attack or data breach. It also means completing a full evaluation of your existing systems by doing penetration and vulnerability testing and updating software consistently. The best managed security services providers will do most of these updates for you, so it’s well worth your time to look into working with a provider.

Single Point of Contact offers much more than just IT support for small business owners. We work together with each of our clients to put together a comprehensive IT security plan based on the structure of their organization. Once you develop a solid cyber security routine, you will have more peace of mind knowing your organization is safe from the inside out. We are always available to assist you, so contact us at any time to learn more about our IT security services and how we can help you create a proactive cybersecurity plan.

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