How to be Proactive Against IoT Hacks

Businesses everywhere are becoming more flexible when it comes to allowing employees to use their mobile devices to perform work-related functions. There are some clear benefits to allowing this, but there are also some risks associated with it from a security standpoint. Any time your IoT device is connected to a network, a potential hacker could find their way into the network through the device. Having a proactive IT management strategy can prevent these issues from occurring, but the big question revolves around how exactly to be proactive. Here are some tips to consider.

Know Your Vulnerabilities

Cyber criminals can get creative with the types of threats they pose. Some of the most common threats include malicious advertisements, exploiting unsecured devices, fake wireless hotspots that allow you free access to WiFi and more. As a business owner, having an understanding of these vulnerabilities is critical. And with the right IT security services in place, you can protect yourself from them.

Educate Employees on Cyber Security

Many times human error creates the biggest risk of an IoT device hack. A proper proactive IT management strategy in this regard is to educate your employees on proper IoT device usage and the risks a cyber attack could pose. Clearly communicate and demonstrate these actions by using real-world examples to educate them thoroughly. Also be sure to provide them with frequent reminders throughout the year so security will always be on their minds.

It may also be important to educate employees on the disaster recovery plan you’ve created for your company. Testing the disaster recovery plan is always a good idea, so when employees see how involved the process is and why it must be conducted in these ways, they will have a greater appreciation for why you’re emphasizing cyber security so much.

Enforce Strict Cyber Security Policies

Some of the most basic cyber security policies you can enforce includes removing all pre-programmed or default passwords, implementing a specific firewall, using a virtual private network, updating software when available and more. Working with an IT security services company can help lay out some of these policies, and also educate your employees about the best cyber security practices.

Single Point of Contact helps businesses of various sizes protect themselves from any type of cyber attack. We strive to help businesses create a proactive IT management strategy specifically for their organization, so it will match their culture and philosophy. The popularity of IoT device usage will only increase, and your cyber security practices should as well. Don’t hesitate to contact us at any time to see how our IT security services can better protect your business.

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