How to Avoid DDoS attacks?

DDoS attacks have been on the rise over the past couple years, prompting organizations and managed network providers to elevate their security practices. A DDoS attack may not completely shut down your business permanently, but it can cause chaos and lost business due to the extreme amount of unwanted traffic to your website at any given time.

When you have the right managed security service provider in place, you may be able to limit a DDoS attack to a few hours rather than a few days. But why take the chance? Here are some ways you can avoid a DDoS attack from happening in the first place.

Monitor Website Traffic Closely

Look at your website traffic closely. If you have periods where you know traffic is going to spike, these are the times when you are most vulnerable to a DDoS attack. What you need to monitor is unusually high levels of traffic. Having twice as many visitors as normal at any given time should raise a red flag that something isn’t quite right.

Install Updates to Close Loopholes for Attackers

When you utilize a complete managed security service provider, you shouldn’t have to worry about security updates. These services take care of those for you. However, if you use these services, you need to ensure your entire network is current with security and software updates. Otherwise, you’ll be leaving the door open for a DDoS attack.

Increase Your Bandwidth

Increasing your bandwidth won’t necessarily prevent a DDoS attack, but it will help you greatly minimize the damage. This proactive IT management strategy will buy you some time to handle the attack before it causes a significant amount of damage. And your website will still be functional, so you won’t lose as much business as a result.

Outsource IT Security Services

When you partner with a managed security service provider, you won’t have to worry much about DDoS attacks. These services will monitor your website traffic for you and jump in right away when there is an unusual traffic spike. Business owners have enough on their plate, making it somewhat unreasonable to take the necessary steps to avoid a DDoS attack. Outsourcing makes sense on many levels, and the amount of money you spend on the services is minimal when compared to the cost of the damage resulting from a DDoS attack.

Single Point of Contact is here to provide the best IT security services for your organization. We’ve helped numerous companies avoid DDoS attacks, and can also help recover from the attacks if they occur. Be sure to contact us to see how we can better protect your network from dangerous cyber attacks.

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