How Small IT Firms Can Leverage a White Label Service Provider

Small IT firms are built on the foundation of effective and reliable IT solutions for their clients. They are generally faced by some situation which tends to put them in a tight spot. Some of the challenges are:

  • Disintegrated platforms
  • Data services at an uneconomical cost
  • Poor handling of service desks
  • Hard to get on with the changing realm

Each client has his own specific prerequisites and expectations that must be fulfilled by the firm. The easiest solution and answer to this major trouble is white label service. It is a way that helps the firm offer its customer’s comprehensive focus on the projects, complete loyalty and focused approach towards IT services that a client needs. Here are some reasons why the small IT firms must consider white label service provider:

  • 24-7 Customer Support – The clients are provided complete support with remote access which offers them the provision to resolve majority of issues. The support offered also involves storage of critical databases, proprietary software management, as well as content management for the client. The white label offers 24-7 network support. This essentially means you will be alerted in case any disruption might affect the business.
  • Cloud Services – When you get in touch with white label managed IT service provider, you save yourself from the hassle and headache of investing in expensive infrastructure. Management of cloud services is one of the most important features that makes it an ideal choice for small IT firms.
  • Disaster Recovery and Backup Services – Small IT firms wish for a robust and reliable disaster recovery solution which is provided to them by the white label service provider. This essentially means that the firm doesn’t need to bother about backup strategy.


To help alleviate the skill set most organizations face, Single Point of Contact offers a range of assisted security services that augment internal IT teams. Our security professional’s support focuses on the unmet needs and points of leverage to provide a cost effective set of activities necessary to successfully monitor, operate and manage your security technology investments.

VoIP Support

Many small IT firms deploy the best and maintain their VoIP phone systems. You are offered versatility and easy management of hefty hardware, installation as well as handle the long-distance charges adeptly.

At Single Point of Contact, we strive to be an extension of your business so your customers always receive the quality service they have come to expect. Whether you need additional 24/7 computer support or have a new client that needs new support you aren’t equipped to handle at this time, we can help you out. Feel free to contact us at any time to schedule a consultation to go over all of your important needs.

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