How Encryption Can Help Your Business

Having safe and secure business practices is essential to survive in the business world today. From an information technology standpoint, the basic practice every company should utilize is encryption. Not only will encryption help protect your own business documents, but also any confidential or sensitive information you have for your clients.

Encryption is the top security solution to start with, because it provides another layer of security in the event of a data breach. Preventing a large amount of damage is just as important as setting up network protection. Here are some ways encryption can protect your business today.

Encryption Makes The Cloud Safer

Storing files in the cloud is becoming a more popular solution every day, but some businesses are still concerned about the security of the cloud. However, when you encrypt your stored files in the cloud, you can take advantage of the benefits of the cloud while still knowing they are secure. An IT consulting service can help ensure all of your files are protected properly prior to moving them to the cloud.

Meet Strict Regulations With Encryption

If your company must meet strict PCI or HIPAA regulations, encryption is a must. You can still have a higher quality computer support solution, but having your files encrypted is the basic standard to meet certain requirements and regulations. The main reason for these regulations is to ensure the security of personal client information, so it’s in your business’s best interest to adhere to the regulations in more ways than one.

Encrypted Files Provide Additional Security

The general rule of thumb for any business is you can never have too much IT protection. Even when you do believe you have the best IT solutions in place, having a disaster recovery service on your side is also highly advisable. You never know when an IT disaster could strike, so protecting your client and business information at all times is critical. If nothing else, encryption will buy time for your support team to identify any issues and solve them before major damage is done.

Single Point of Contact strives to be your primary resource for all things pertaining to IT for your business. Every service we offer will include some sort of encryption, since it is the basic practice of any IT service. Whether you need data encryption or other IT services, be sure to contact us at any time to learn how we can help your company.

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