How Effective Are Your IT Managed Services?

As a business owner, you know the importance of IT security. When looking for managed service provider to work with, you can never be too careful. Besides, the provider you ultimately choose to work with will be tasked with protecting your most confidential and sensitive business information, so you need to have complete trust in them. But having trust and relying on effective results are two different things. Here are some tips to verify the effectiveness of your manage security service provider.

Have The Terms And Conditions Verified By An Expert

Once you’ve gone through the vetting process and have decided on a managed security service provider, have their terms and conditions verified by an expert. The language used in the agreement may not be completely clear, so you need to know exactly what it all means before agreeing to their service. You don’t want to experience an IT disaster and then find out an important aspect is not covered in your contract.

Look At The Service Level Requirements

The service level requirements will tell you exactly what the provider will do in certain events. Response time should be spelled out clearly. Response time should be measured and the provider should be held accountable should he not meet specific response times. Depending on your business needs, some services may be more important than others, so it’s critical to understand exactly what all the service level requirements are and hold them to it.

What’s The Availability of Their Service?

It doesn’t make much sense to hire managed security service provider that don’t operate 24/7. However, as you’re negotiating and going through the process of choosing the service, it’s a point that can easily and understandably be overlooked. A cyber criminal never sleeps, so you need around-the-clock service to protect your network. Find out exactly what protection your managed security service provider offers, how available they are and what actions are taken after business hours.

Take Feedback From Other Customers

Finally, feedback from other customers may be the most valuable way to determine the effectiveness of your IT management solutions. Clients are more honest today than ever before, so you can have a good sense of how well a provider performs by reading reviews and feedback. Getting an idea of how effective they are before you sign a contract can give you peace of mind with your decision.

Single Point of Contact works every day to prove its worth to customers. We constantly work behind the scenes to make sure your information and network is protected and will communicate with you as much as you would like. We understand the challenges of finding a reliable managed security service provider, and we would love to have the opportunity to prove ourselves to you. Feel free to contact us at any time for a consultation so we can help your business grow securely.

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