How DRaaS Can Help Your Company

The ability to back up and recover data has progressed significantly over the years. Many companies still have an internal IT team that is ready to intervene when things go wrong and also to ensure business can run smoothly every day. Now, a lot of businesses are shifting toward cloud-based computing. DRaaS, or Disaster Recovery as a Service, is becoming more popular and business owners are able to save a lot of money by eliminating the expense of having an in-house IT staff. Instead, they find some reliable disaster recovery service providers to help them protect their valuable data. Here are a few of the main reasons DRaaS can be beneficial to your company.

Remarkable Recovery Times

With a traditional IT staff, you will probably be looking at a couple of hours at a minimum to recover data if a disaster strikes. The bad thing about technology is you never know when it might fail. When you have DRaaS, however, you will know your systems will be back to functional within minutes, instead of hours. Every minute lost is dollars down the drain, but DRaaS can help you minimize those losses significantly.

Allows You to Spend Money in Other Areas

Since a disaster recovery service like DRaaS uses few resources, you can save the money you would normally spend there and use it in ways that will grow your business. You won’t have to spend as much on licenses and hardware, not to mention IT employees, and all of the backup servers are monitored and provided by the disaster recovery service  provider you choose. DRaaS creates less of a headache and more money in your pocket to spend on the important things!


As with any company, protecting your confidential information is your highest priority. That’s why you need to ensure the disaster recovery provider you choose is compliant with the appropriate rules and regulations to keep your data safe. These companies are in business to protect you, giving you peace of mind is their priority. As long as you take the necessary measures on your end to keep your data secure, a DRaaS provider will do at least the same or even better.

When you’re searching for a disaster recovery provider, contact us so we can let you know the areas we can help your business excel!

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