How Does HIPAA Benefit Your Business?

Ask anyone in the healthcare industry about HIPAA and they likely won’t have many good things to say about it. HIPAA is designed to protect confidential patient information, and there are some very precise and detailed security rules to be followed as a result. However, being HIPAA compliant can actually be a good thing for your business. Here are some of the benefits you can appreciate.

Data Backup

HIPAA requires frequent data backups just in case systems or networks become compromised. Facilities always have to have access to confidential information, but not everyone backs up their data as often as they should. Generally, only the facilities with managed service providers will be up to date on their data backup plan.

Various Levels of Security

With HIPAA, only people with certain job titles have permitted access to specific and confidential patient information. Most hospitals and businesses don’t have the proper IT security services in place to grant access to specific individuals. As a result, any employee could have access to information they shouldn’t have. By following the HIPAA Security Rule, and integrating better quality IT security services, businesses can set stronger permissions to prevent unauthorized users from accessing certain information.

Defends Malicious Cyber Attacks

With the busy day-to-day duties of working in a hospital, or any business for that matter, it can be difficult to remember to update security software patches. By simply updating security software on a regular basis, you can avoid having to call for computer support to get your computers running normally again. With the high volume of malicious attacks on businesses today, it’s critical to have the latest software protection in place. Because of its extreme importance, many businesses have turned to managed service providers to handle the updates in case they accidentally forget to update themselves.

Physical Security Benefits

Another way HIPAA protects your business is by not allowing unauthorized users to access physical locations within the building. The best IT security services companies will suggest keeping IT servers and systems in a special locked room only appropriate personnel can access. The reality is that’s not the case everywhere, but HIPAA forces businesses to follow the practice.

Being HIPAA compliant takes work and practice on a daily basis. With so many strict and detailed rules, managed service providers are almost essential. Be sure to contact us for various service options related to HIPAA security.

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