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How Does an MSP Sell Value? How a White Label Partner Can Help in 2023

Selling value is a tricky proposition “if” you are not skilled in sales. How can MSPs sell value? What approach does one take to persuade and influence a prospect in choosing your MSP. The other topics one should consider are the sales process and working with your ideal client in a specific industry.

Selling Value

The information technology universe has made enormous changes in the past 20 years. It changes weekly and Managed IT Service providers must keep up with the dynamic environment. Keeping up with the education to support multiple industries can be daunting. However, your MSP needs to determine which technology you know best and the industry that demands it. This will keep it at a manageable level.

Focus On Prospects Problems

How do you do this? Get ready to listen and talk less. To extract information from a client, you need to have a list of 5 to 10 questions. What are those questions? Well, it depends on the industry, but if you go with a generic list, we will have it available in the MSP Corner package. All firms have unique problems. It can be from responsiveness, security, hours of support, backup, constant fires for IT to put out. The list can be endless. However, you want to focus on problems that are important to the C or VP level executive. He has priorities and his current priority is to resolve his IT issues. Focus on what his problems are. I have been in endless meetings where the IT guy just wanted to flex and talk about technology and how it all works…keep them out. You want techs who are attentive and only speak when it’s necessary.

Sales Process Sells Value – NOT Technology

This process is critical to you closing the opportunity and I’ll give you a sneak peak on how I influence the prospect into agreeing that I am fit for their firm.

Me: Mr. Prospect, based on your challenges and the solution we can offer to resolve your network problems, do you agree that we are a fit for your firm? What is keeping you from signing up with us today?

You need a process that exposes the prospects pain points. You need insider information on who resolves those challenges and why are they are so unhappy.

A sales process exposes the problem and helps you position your firm as the solution to their issues. It’s simple, not complex, and direct.

Pro-Active vs Re-Active

I still see many firms stuck in the break/fix mode. They are trading hours for money, but that’s not the main problem. If you plan to deliver value to a client, you need to implement a pro-active plan. You need a tech stack that will automate many functions. IT firms need to stop reacting like firemen and start implementing a strategy to prevent the fire from occurring. This is where a white label partner can help. White Label MSPs have a robust tech stack plus they have the experience to implement a pro-active strategy.

Preventative Maintenance

Implementing a preventative maintenance plan should be mentioned during your pitch. How will you prevent disruptions to the network? How will you keep security gaps closed? During your closing, you need to emphasize why your clients do not have problems and its because of the preventative maintenance strategy you implement. This is part of the Pro-Active model. A white label MSP has the expertise to get your clients’ network configured so problems are prevented from impacting the network. CEOs want little disruptions to the network, so employees stay productive.

24×7 Support

Being available 24×7 for your client adds a huge differentiator from other MSPs. And when you add guaranteed response times, it just sweetens the pot. Your firm may not have the bandwidth or the budget to deliver 24×7 support, but when you have a white label partner, tech support is available around the clock.

A True Partner Is Always Recommending Improvements

When you meet with your client. You will bring a report on what is going on with the network and end users. Why? Because you want to make recommendations on how you can increase efficiency or productivity. If Tom calls in for hardware support 4 times over 4 weeks. Someone needs to determine why that’s happening. Maybe Tom needs a new computer, maybe Tom needs training. CEOs want to see partners in their meetings, not vendors who come to rub elbows with the executives. Position yourself as a partner that adds value to their firm.

Expertise For That Industry

Industry expertise will increase your chances of closing the opportunity. If you demonstrate during your presentation that you are the expert in your prospects industry, they will be impressed. However, when you present them with 3-4 references from other firms in their industry, you have increased your odds of landing this opportunity by a large percent.


DO NOT leave money on the table because you lack the skills or the bandwidth to deliver 24×7 support. If you lack sales skills, a white label partner will help you sell and present to the prospect.

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